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Choose Environmentally Friendly Insulation on Earth Day

Pink, yellow, white—these are just some of the colors we commonly associate with insulation. In honor of Earth Day, get to know how “green” insulation works to keep cool conditioned air inside your home this summer, and hot outside air where it belongs.

Efficiency and safety goals increase

No matter what color your insulation, it’s essentially green. Without insulation at all, your air conditioner (and furnace) would waste tons of energy to combat loss. However, there are options today that go well above and beyond this standard expectation. Now, homeowners need to look for the highest-performing insulation (with a high R-value) that offers the best resistance to heat, without using harmful materials. In order to boost your home’s performance, you need the best insulation R-value for your walls, floors and attic.

Green with envy

Premium foam insulation offers the best possible return on investment. It’s a product that drives energy efficiency in your home. The environmentally friendly foam insulation doesn’t compromise on insulating ability, holding the highest R-value for insulation materials used in retrofits. It helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, when your HVAC equipment can operate effectively, and without have to overcome energy loss through the home’s envelope, you’ll keep energy consumption down and control energy bills.These are not the only environmental benefits of foam insulation. Because the material creates a seal around the home’s shell, filling the crevices and conforming to the cavities, it creates an airtight perimeter, preventing outdoor contaminants from entering the home.

Green insulation improves your home’s energy efficiency and saves you money, while keeping your home at an optimal comfort level. For more information about Premium Foam Insulation, contact USA Insulation today!

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