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Collegedale, TN 
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Reinsulate Your Home in Collegedale 
with USA Insulation

Insulation Services in Collegedale, TN

Stay vigilant and proactive in your home or business with quality re-insulation services provided by insulation experts in Collegedale, TN. Re-insulating your home or business can improve indoor comfort levels, increase the structure's energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. Here at USA Insulation of Chattanooga, our insulation experts provide a wide range of insulation services, including injection wall foam and blow-in attic insulation, among many others. Don't be fooled into thinking that adding new insulation will only keep your home warmer during the winter. Home insulation services in Collegedale, TN play a large role in cooling efficiency too. Keep your HVAV running longer with regular re-insulation inspection services every few years.

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Why do you need to 
reinsulate your home?

Lower Energy Bills

Lower Energy Bills

It has been shown that installing USA Premium Foam Insulation in your walls results in savings on your energy bills!

A Healthier Home

A Healthier Home

Protecting your home with USA Insulation will lower your energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Live Comfortably

Live Comfortably

Increasing insulation reduces the heat exchange, maintaining a more consistent level of comfort throughout your home year-round!

Captain Comfort

Ready for a more comfortable home?

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation Benefits


Higher R-Value

A material's insulation properties are rated as "R-Value." "R" stands for resistance. Our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is 35% more efficient than the competition.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Having USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls contributes to the overall comfort and health of everyone in your home.


Best Fire & Smoke Rating

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls actually acts as a fire barrier that will retard the spread of flames in your home.


Clean & Quick Installation

Having USA Premium Injection Foam installed throughout your home is safer, easier and cleaner than installation with other products.


Noise Reduction

Once our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is installed, you will notice an immediate and significant decrease in outside noises.



USA Premium Injection Foam can help reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, protect the environment, and boost your overall home comfort!

We have the tools to insulate every space 
in new and existing homes

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injection foam

Premium Injection Wall Foam 
in Collegedale, TN

We use proprietary premium foam insulation to help residents and businesses build solid barriers between the inside of their structures and any harsh outside elements. Using a rapid application process, we inject ultra-efficient Collegedale, TN injection wall foam into wall areas without the need to perform any wall removal or remodeling. Premium injection wall foam is an excellent option for businesses that want to reinsulate their offices without experiencing downtime. We fill in all spaces located behind pipes, electrical wiring, phone lines and more, which translates into maximum insulation efficiency.

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Blown-In Attic Insulation 
in Collegedale, TN

Little to no blown-in attic insulation can result in major energy loss as heated or cooled air escapes through holes in a home while letting the outside air come in. As a result, homeowners with no attic insulation usually end up spending a lot of money on heating and cooling their homes when they could invest in Collegedale, TN blown-in attic insulation to maximize energy efficiency and reduce HVAC bills.

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Attic Air Sealing 
in Collegedale, TN

Use our Collegedale, TN air sealing services to pinpoint and seal costly air leaks. We offer air sealing services to all homes and businesses in and around the Collegedale, TN area that have gaps and spaces in their insulation, allowing us to easily stop energy loss often caused by electricians. When electricians perform work, they cut holes to run wiring through. If they don't insulate these holes, air can escape through them, leading to a 20% energy loss in your home. Avoid this energy loss and start saving money on heating and cooling with professional air sealing services that find and fix all hidden air leaks.

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Spray Foam 
in Collegedale, TN

Does your home or business have open cavity walls? How about crawl spaces without insulation? If so, you're losing energy through these spaces, which skyrockets energy bills and leads to poor indoor comfort and air quality. Avoid these issues with our professional Collegedale, TN spray foam insulation services. The insulation creates a barrier between your home and extreme outdoor temperatures and wind. It also serves the purpose of being a vapor retardant, which is crucial to your health. Make your home or business healthier and more energy efficient with quality spray foam insulation.


Free Attic Insulation!

When you insulate your walls

Does not include spray foam. May not be combined with other offers.

Some Thoughts From Our
Awesome Customers

USA Insulation salesman was prompt and professional - their price for attic insulation was very fair - the techs were also pros; they did a good job blowing in the insulation and cleaned up before...

- Gary Wright

I rarely take the time to write reviews, but after my experience with USA Insulation of Chattanooga, I felt led to share my thoughts for anyone seeking insulation services. From the moment I...

- The Garden Of Steven

Excellent service, from the first call to the completion of the job. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable, helpful and very kind . The techs arrived on time and completed the job in a timely manner....

- Deede Hight Culberson

Jagger at USA Insulation was wonderful to work with. He came out to my home and let me know what he could do to help with our lack of insulation in our sunroom. While there he used a camera to...

- Sam Jennifer Johnson

We renovated our main floor and that included taking down ceilings practically across the whole space. A time was scheduled with me promptly, the crew showed up on time, were respectful and nice,...

- Lyall Harrison

Jagger did a great job. His estimate was exact and didn’t beat around the bush. After the work was done, it looked great, I will definitely use again.

- Noah Wood

We were impressed from the first contact from Elizabeth, the salesman & installation crew …. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable!! They did a fantastic job! We highly recommend this...

- Wayne Woodrum

USA Insulation did a great job cleaning out our attic and insulating it as well as injecting foam through our brick exterior walls. We have seen a noticeable difference in AC and Heating use.

- Abner Casavant

What great service I received. Called made an appointment and they showed up on time and gave me the best service ever. I highly recommend USA insulation. Home is cooler than ever.

- Mary Bryant

Saved me a lot of money on my energy bill! I loved the fact they were licensed and insured. the installers were trained, certified, and very professional. The warranty was a HUGE benefit. Love...

- Jagger Guerrero

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