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5 signs that you need better insulation – like now!

The dreaded summer weather that you’re trying so desperately to escape seems to have followed you inside your home. Despite the best efforts of your overworked A/C, your home, which was once the comforting family hub, has transformed into a live-in sauna.

Something needs to change. That something could be the addition of new or improved insulation. Some people balk at the idea of inspecting the insulation, or lack thereof, in their home but there are painless ways to determine if you need new insulation and, in turn, provide some relief for your family.

Insulation Insight: Contrary to popular belief, insulation isn’t just important to have during the colder months. In the same way it helps to prevent heat from escaping through the walls, it keeps cool air in during the inevitable heat waves.

These five signs will help you figure out if it’s time for new and/or improved insulation.

1. High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a subtle, but steady increase in your energy bills? It’s unlikely they will stop climbing when insulation is the culprit. As a house continues to age, so does its insulation and as a result creates areas for cool air to escape. In the winter, this is the same reason why your house never seems to stay warm.

2. Uneven Temperatures

When insulation is distributed evenly throughout your home, each room should be the same temperature. When you start to notice that each room feels different – sometimes unbearably so – it’s a sign that you need new or improved insulation. A quick test that you could perform is to gently press your hand against the wall or ceiling to check for warmth. If an area is properly insulated, the wall will not be transferring heat and will not feel warm.

3. Feeling Drafty

A nice draft from an open window can be pleasant on some occasions but if you’re feeling drafts throughout the house when all of your windows and doors are closed, you have an insulation problem. The most common areas that you will find the problem residing are in the attic or the crawl space beneath your home.

4. Your House Is Old

How old is too old when it comes to insulation in a house? Homes that were built prior to 1980 are unlikely to have sufficient insulation because during this time, building codes for insulation were non-existent! If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry – we have you covered! Providing insulation from the ground up is one of USA Insulation’s specialties.

5. Noisy Environment

Being at your wit’s end with the dogs, traffic and kids playing outside doesn’t have to mean you’re turning into a grump, it can simply mean that your insulation isn’t performing as well as it should. A properly insulated home helps reduce noise from the outside environment! A well-insulated home is a quiet home.

If you find any of these signs to be true, don’t keep putting off your FREE in-home consultation. Contact the experts at USA Insulation today!

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