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5 Best-Kept Secrets to Keep Your Home Cool

Triple-digit temperatures make summers tough to bear, not to mention if you add humidity into the mix. The worst part is that sometimes, no matter what you do, the house never seems cool enough, even when your air-conditioning system is running full blast.

Have no fear, USA Insulation is here with some energy-saving tips on how to beat the heat, save money on your electricity bill and enjoy more year-round comfort at home.

1) Close the Blinds

Did you know that 30 percent of unwanted heat comes through your windows? Try closing the blinds when you’re not at home. Well, you can close them while at home, too, but you might feel like you’re living in a cave (at least it’ll be a cool one). Blackout curtains can actually save you up to seven percent on your energy bill and keep your home at least 25 degrees cooler.

2) Fan it Out

Your microwave and bathroom fans are already designed to pull hot air out of your home and push it outside. When you leave your house, make sure to leave both fans on to keep it cool. Exhaust fans like microwave and bathroom fans require low energy to function because they are simple devices. So, you don’t have to worry about it drastically affecting your electricity bill, either.

3) Cook Wisely

We know you can’t avoid cooking indoors but remember, a hot stove or oven will undoubtedly make your home warmer. That’s why we like to think of summer as grilling season. It’s a fun way to enjoy the heat AND save energy. But, if you want to cook indoors, take a couple of energy-saving cooking tips: Cover pots to minimize indoor humidity, and turn off the oven a few minutes before the food is ready to reduce the amount of heat released when it’s time to open the oven door.

4) Strategically Open Windows

Try cracking open the windows upstairs, on the sunny side of the house. Then, crack the windows downstairs, on the shady side of the house. Together, this action creates a natural draft within your home, releasing heat that rises to the upper-level floors and allowing fresh, cooler air to ventilate throughout your home. Even better, install a window-mount fan in some of your upstairs windows. This helps suck hot air outside, where it belongs.

5) Long-term Home Improvement

There are several investments you can make to help block heat from entering your home. Try adding either awnings to your windows or planting trees near windows that face the sun to reduce the amount of heat your home absorbs.

But, the best long-term investment to enjoy more year-round comfort whether it’s hot or cold outside is whole-home insulation. There are several types of insulation on the market, all designed to regulate your home’s indoor temperatures more efficiently, but there’s only one that gets the job done best — USA Premium Foam® Insulation.

Our foam-in-place insulation fills every crack and crevice within your home’s walls, gently forming around pipes, wires and existing insulation. It performs up to 35 percent better than traditional forms of insulation like cellulose or fiberglass and doesn’t deteriorate over time. Don’t believe us? See how much you’ll save with our Energy Savings Calculator.

Either way, keeping cool in the summer months is the top priority, in our house at least. And these energy-saving tips will help you do just that AND get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your electricity bill.

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