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4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Insulation in Your Warm-Climate Home

Does your home insulation need a boost? Don’t rely on a novice evaluation or your best guess. Trust the professionals to let you know if you need to upgrade insulation, and provide a reliable, expert diagnosis of your home’s key material. When it’s working well, insulation keeps the hot southern heat out of your home so your indoor living spaces stay cool.

Key performance indicators

Nothing replaces an expert’s evaluation of your home’s insulation; however, there are key performance indicators that you can look for to know if you need to upgrade insulation or maintain the status quo. The signs include:

  • Uncomfortable rooms. When insulation is effective, it keeps heat out and maintains a consistent temperature indoors. Otherwise, if wall insulation on the west side of your home, for example, is deteriorating due to condensation or mold, you may notice exterior rooms are hotter than others.
  • Inconsistent temperatures. You should notice the same temperature in all of your home’s rooms as the air conditioner evenly distributes cooled air throughout the home. If insulation isn’t up to par, it won’t do the job to keep heat out and the home’s temperatures will be uneven.
  • Hot walls or ceilings. The problem with ineffective insulation is apparent when you run your hand near ceilings or along exterior walls. There’s a noticeable difference between a wall that’s effectively stopping heat transfer through it and a wall that can’t stand up under the force of heat seeking cooler places. The wall with enough insulation won’t feel warm.
  • High energy bills. When insulation is old, damaged or there’s simply not enough of it, your energy bills increase incrementally. If insulation is deteriorating slowly over time, you may notice a gradual increase in energy bills. If it’s always been ineffective since you’ve lived in the home, you may have been unnecessarily paying more for cooling for years.

USA Insulation can help you determine whether you need to upgrade insulation by providing professional insulation evaluations, helping to select materials, and offering expert installation services. Just give us a call today to get started!

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