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4 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Traditions You Should Do

Even if you aren’t Irish, chances are, you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Many cities hold St. Patty’s Day parades; others, like Chicago, join the festivities by dying the Chicago River green. Citizens across the country celebrate by baking green cookies, drinking green beer or donning green clothing.

If you want take your celebration up a notch, here’s what you can do:

  • Wear green and make sure to include a Shamrock or two. When the Catholics were persecuted in Ireland, they had to conduct religious activities in secret, often holding school in secret places (like under a hedge) and using things found in nature (like the Shamrock) to tell stories. Wearing a clump of Shamrock also showed solidarity among the persecuted.
  • Attend a parade. As the Irish emigrated to various American cities, they began holding an annual parade to commemorate their homeland and honor St. Patrick.
  • Wear a costume. These should not be reserved only for parades. Irish across the world take to wearing green, orange and white hats to join in the festivities, or dress up as Saint Patrick or a Leprechaun. Don’t forget to partake in a few sweets, another St. Patty’s Day tradition.
  • Have dinner. Take part in the celebration by dining on corned beef and cabbage. Although this isn’t the traditional meal of the Irish, in America, it has become the mainstay dish for St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Be sure to play some traditional Irish music while you gather with loved ones around the table.

USA Insulation is proud to join in the festivities on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day that honor the traditions of the brave men and women who came to America.

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