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23 Easy Steps to a More Comfortable Home

When it’s hot outside, you head inside to get cool. But what should you do if your home isn’t a haven from the heat? You don’t have to suffer from an uncomfortable home. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of things you can do to get cool, and stay cool.

  1. Upgrade the insulation around the home using injection foam insulation, which creates an air barrier and effectively keeps cool air inside your home.
  2. Service your air conditioner.
  3. Replace an outdated A/C.
  4. Run ceiling fans.
  5. Use attic ventilation.
  6. Close shades on the south- and west-facing sides of the home.
  7. Look to the future and use landscaping to shade the home.
  8. If windows on the south of the home don’t get shade, install awnings.
  9. Seal the air leaks around the home.
  10. Weather-strip and caulk leaky windows and doors.
  11. Set the thermostat at a consistent but comfortable temperature, and keep it there.
  12. Consider using low-emissivity film on inefficient, old windows.
  13. Seal and insulate ductwork.
  14. Shade the outdoor A/C unit.
  15. Change the air conditioner filter every month.
  16. Choose weather-appropriate clothing and drink iced beverages to keep your body temperature low.
  17. Be careful about using exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Run them too long and they’ll pull cool air from the home.
  18. When outside temperatures decrease, take advantage of natural cross-breezes from windows and fans.
  19. Don’t run your oven; grill out instead.
  20. Leaving the house awhile? Turn the thermostat down a few notches.
  21. Even better, install a programmable thermostat so that you can schedule the A/C to cycle on before you return. You’ll save money and won’t notice a difference in comfort.
  22. Make sure the thermostat is installed in the right location, away from the glare of the sun.
  23. Don’t jack up the home’s temperature to quickly cool the home; it won’t get cooler any faster and it could result in higher cooling costs if you forget to turn the thermostat down.

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