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National Home Improvement Month: Don’t Forget What’s Behind the Walls

In honor of National Home Improvement Month, consider the benefits of upgrading home insulation. While many people invest money to remodel their kitchens, baths, and basements or build additions, it’s essential to remember what’s behind your walls — not just what’s inside the living spaces. Without enough insulation, your newly remodeled space won’t be comfort or energy efficient.
Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  1. Hire a professional contractor. The expert should know how to help you select the right type of insulation for your home and the efficiency rating (or R-value) you need.
  2. Set a budget. While you don’t want to skimp on insulation, it’s helpful to know the general budget range in which you can work. This will allow you to choose from the right insulation types that work for your space. For example, insulation batts are less costly up front, but they settle over time and their performance can decrease if they’re not installed correctly. Injection foam insulation provides a higher R-value per inch, fits into tight spaces, and does not settle. It’s often worth investing more in a higher-quality insulation that fits all of your needs than to settle on a cheaper product that won’t hold up over time.
  3. Sign a contract. Before proceeding with the job, sign a written contract with the contractor. It should cover the materials, labor, project schedule, deadline and cost.

In 2014, home improvement spending by consumers reached approximately $351 billion. When you invest your hard-earned dollars towards improving the aesthetic look of your home, don’t forget the insulation — the stuff that keeps you comfortably cooled in summer and cozy in winter. For more information about upgrading insulation, contact USA Insulation today!