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We gave this Ohio homeowner peace of mind.

The Frustration

When we first met this Ohio homeowner, he was at a loss. He couldn’t understand why his furnace was running nonstop — all winter long – day and night. Even with it continuously blowing hot air throughout the home, the temperature was never consistent. The case was the same with his air-conditioning system in the summertime.

So, he reached out to USA Insulation for help. We teamed up with Green Planet Property Inspections to perform an energy audit on the house.

The Findings

We found that the home’s HVAC system was in perfect condition and running effectively, but the home’s walls, floors, and attic had little-to-no insulation. Our inspection also concluded a significant amount of air was leaking through entryways, including doors and windows.

Home Built: 1954
Building Type: Single-Family Home
Square Footage: 896
HVAC System: Gas Furnace With A/C

Total Annual Energy Costs: $1,249.91

As you can see, this homeowner was spending an estimated $1,200 a year on electricity. More than half of the energy consumed went to heating and air-conditioning needs.

The homeowner said our inspection gave him a sense of relief because there was finally an explanation as to why his home wasn’t maintaining a steady temperature, especially in extreme weather.

The Results

R-Value is the unit used to measure how well a building can resist heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. After the whole home was sealed and insulated, room-to-room temperatures were more consistent and indoor drafts were no longer an issue. Through air sealing, injection wall foam and blown-in attic insulation, we were able to dramatically increase the entire home’s R-Value, and the homeowner says he felt the difference immediately. Installing USA Premium Foam® Insulation decreased this home’s air leakage by more than 50 percent, compared to the 20 to 30 percent reduction with traditional insulation.

USA Insulation Test Home Results

See how our proprietary injection wall foam works.

Another day, another happy homeowner.